Vox Internet
February 2022 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil

"Internet like no other"

Vox Internet is a telecommunications company that has been operating in this market since 2010 and offers professional internet services, hyper-broadband internet, intranet and pay TV in packages for residential customers and dynamic and efficient solutions for the corporate segment.

It operates in large regional centers in Brazil, in the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia, and is constantly expanding to other regions of the country. The company arrested for offering speed, stability, quality and full 24/7 support.

Our challenge was to create a more modern, cleaner logo that was easier to apply. The previous logo had an application problem because it was a logo with many points, in addition to the old logo there was a reduction problem that hindered when the brand was applied in very small sizes. In addition, an important point that we sought was to focus on creating a logo that had more standardization in its corners and ends, something that did not exist in the previous logo.

We also tried to escape the colors of the previous visual identity, precisely because they are constantly used in companies of the same segment. The new visual identity is cleaner and more modern.

Client: Vox Internet
Agency: TheTalk
Branding: Igor Menezes
Designer: Marden Jump
Video: Vox Internet

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