Yeah, Marden Jump is my name!

I'm a branding and visual identity designer, content creator and passionate about design.
Hello, I'm Marden, a Brazilian graphic designer working in Italy who is obsessed with design and branding. I am an expert in brand design, logo design, visual identity, and art direction.
Since 2009, when I was only 19 years old, I've worked as a Graphic Designer in a little town in Brazil named Baro de Cocais/MG. I've always been a really creative person with a deep connection to drawing and art. At the start of my design career, I did a little bit of everything, creating websites and blogs, books, records, prints, logos, and visual identities (the last two I ended up falling in love with).
With my drive to progress, I determined in 2018 that I would devote more time to learning and training myself to become a designer specializing in Visual Identity and Brand Design, and that is exactly what I did. Since then, this has been my major pastime, and every day I strive to develop my abilities and techniques while also taking a more aesthetic and analytical look at my work.
As a visual identity and brand designer in Brazil, I collaborated with famous designers and companies, gaining credibility and learning. I have completed projects in Brazil's major cities and have already conquered the brand of projects in ten different nations across four continents. This is quite an accomplishment for someone from a little hamlet in the interior of Minas Gerais.
In order to further my development, I relocated to Italy in 2021, a country that I have long admired despite never having visited it. My passion for Italy began with Calcio, Rome, Francesco Totti, the Italian National Football Team, as well as music, cuisine, and culture of this wonderful country.
Being in Italy has allowed me to grow a lot since it forces me to live outside of my comfort zone. Also, Italy breathes art, culture, and design, all of which contribute significantly to my aesthetic sense and a new perspective on the world.

Why branding and visual identity?
When I first started in design, I did everything from print to blogs and websites, books, cd packaging (a media that no longer exists), and finally logo and visual identity. When I first became interested in visual identity. I realized I was born to be a Visual Identity Designer and have been doing so ever since.
Doing this today makes me happy, makes me want to wake up every day, grab a coffee, and run to the computer to start creating; it's very rewarding to see the client's face light up when we succeed in exceeding his expectations at the end of a development process.
Creating a logo and visual identity from scratch is not simple or easy; it necessitates processes, methodology, time, and patience; not all customers are willing to wait 25 or 50 days for their brand to enter the market. However, when I meet the client who will accompany me on this journey, my life becomes much easier, and we manage to achieve very satisfactory results together.
There are designers who are generalists, doing everything and excelling at everything. But I chose to specialize and devote my days to designing visual identities.
My Approach

The Alignment Phase is the first phase of the project, in which we dig deep into the universe of the brand with the client, align our expectations related to the process of developing a visual identity, and also align on everything that will be delivered and the responsibility on each side within development. During this phase, we prepare the Brief and Debrif from all of the information provided by the client and validate everything that is or is not his brand together.

In the Context Phase, the customer is presented with the context in which his brand is inserted, such as its competitors and target audience. We also present what are the perspectives for the brand, such as its strengths, weaknesses, and what it is famous for. Brand context is built through customer research and data.

We approach the concept phase after diving into the spirit of the brand, where the concept that will lead the complete visual identity of this brand is offered to the customer, as well as tagline alternatives and the credo for this new moment of the company (if necessary). Furthermore, during this phase, a visual alignment is produced using references acquired by myself and the client via moodboards. This alignment is highly crucial because, when done correctly, it frees us from any visual and aesthetic misalignment or even aesthetic misunderstanding by both sides.

With all previous processes refined and completed, we enter the Creation phase. Although this appears to be the phase in which the client contributes the least, everything generated in this phase is the consequence of everything that was constructed along with the customer. I'm taking a few days off here to look into what we've raised together. I work hard to find the right idea amid all that was created throughout the contextual and conceptual phases. Everything that was done in the conceptual stage is written down and then entered into the computer. After all of the work, I provide this concept in the shape of a visual identity and logo. Everything at one presentation.

Is the Project Finish? Not yet; it is time in the Delivery Phase to separate all of the files, close them, and send them to the client. Furthermore, it is my obligation to create a Brand Manual that incorporates everything that was created inside the Visual Identity. This Manual is then submitted to the customer, and any required changes are made.
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