March 2020 . Brand Design and Visual Identity . United States

SuperGGym (with two Gs) is a Sportswear + Lifestyle brand. The two G’s indicate the commonly uttered phrase “Good Game” shortened to “GG” in competitive sports and gaming. Superggym’s roots remain firmly in athleticism, but does not shy away from fashion and everyday street and casual wear. The fastest growing market in clothing for women is athleisure, and for men is street wear. Superggym is poised to capture both growing segments.

Wearing a new pear of “GG’s” will be come the new hottest item on the feet. Branding the word "Super" and "Gym" are incredibly easy to grasp by the average consumer, and subtly trading on the ubiquitous "GG" created by Gucci over the years, a GG monogram will immediately feel familiar. My challenge was to make a redesign that would maintain GG’s monogram inside SuperGGym’s brand name. At the same time, I had to make GG’s monogram possible to be used apart. Personally, as a designer, I considered the former monogram too simple – two mirrored Gs – and easily misunderstood as other monograms from other brands.

To create something as unique as SuperGGym’s concept, I had to escape the mainstream.

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