Search Engenharia
January 2021 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil

Search is a project management and project development company serving São Paulo and Divinópolis, cities where each partner of the company lives. The company has this name because engineering is always a search for the best solutions, a search that never ends. It is always trying to execute something, or an activity, in the best and most innovative way possible. It develops project management and engineering activities for power transmission companies, mainly in São Paulo. In Divinópolis, the goal is to provide project development services for construction companies.

My challenge was to create a visual identity that fit perfectly with Search Engenharia's proposal, to show that it is a company that is always looking to evolve, to be better every day. In addition to seeking to develop a brand that fit the attributes passed by the client on the premise of the six most prominent: Modern, Organic, Vibrant, Bold, Human and Innovative.

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