February 2023 . Brand Design and Visual Identity . United States

We are Nordik, a bold and minimalist brand that seeks to transcend the boundaries of conventional streetwear. We believe that true beauty lies in simplicity and balance. In an increasingly chaotic and saturated world, we stand out by embracing the power of minimalism and individual expression.

Our philosophy is guided by the incessant search for the essence. We believe that by stripping away the excess, we can reveal what's truly important. Our pieces are carefully designed to convey a powerful and authentic message, without the need for superfluous gimmicks. Every line, every shape and every detail is designed to create a unique experience.

Nordik is the perfect fusion of urban style and timeless elegance. Our clothes are more than mere fashion objects; are reflections of the lifestyle of people who stand out for their authenticity and boldness. We inspire those who are willing to challenge convention and create their own narrative.

At Nordik, we believe in the power of community. We value diversity and celebrate various forms of expression. We collaborate with artists, designers and creative minds who share our passion for minimalism and originality. Together, we shape a movement that challenges the status quo and inspires others to embrace their uniqueness.

Nordik is more than a streetwear brand; it's a state of mind, a style statement and a relentless quest for authenticity. We invite you to be part of our journey, where simplicity is the key to unlocking the true essence. Join us as we explore new horizons, set trends and leave a lasting mark on the world of minimalist fashion. Nordik: Awaken your essence.

For the design of the logo, we sought to create a minimalist visual identity, as is the brand's proposal. The logo developed was made from an existing font that was chosen to be the base font of the entire visual identity, for this logo our goal was to be minimalist so not many changes were made to the font so that it would not lose your style and your way.

The dash above the N always seeks to remind us of the Nordic DNA of the brand, so in all applications the dash is the northernmost item in the applications, it always refers to the north and always inside it is aligned with the letter N.

The colors chosen were Black and White, which are basic and minimalist as the main colors, Norwegian Blue, which refers to the flag of Norway, it is interesting to note that Blue is present in almost all flags of the Nordic countries in addition to Norway itself, we have Finland, Iceland and Sweden, only Denmark doesn't have blue on its flag. Finnish Gray is a gray that refers to the Aurora Borealis (a famous and almost exclusive event in the country) being reflected in the snow. These four colors form the Nordik color palette.

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