November 2022 . Brand Design and Visual Identity . United States
Your Body Will Remember

At Minne, we believe that every move we make is an opportunity to remember the gift of being alive. Every breath, every posture, every repetition is a chance to connect with our body and mind. We know that when we choose quality clothing for our fitness activities, we can focus on our goals without distractions or worries. That's why we're committed to providing high-quality fabrics that fit your body perfectly and move with it, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Whether you're doing yoga, running or lifting weights, our gym and yoga clothes are designed to keep up with you every step of the way. With Minne, your body will remember what it feels like to be in motion, strong and confident, and you will enjoy every moment of your physical activities. We are here to remind you that quality is paramount in everything we do, especially in our moments of movement and connection with our body and mind. Choose Minne, remember the quality in every movement, and your body will remember every moment you chose to take care of it.


Minne is an American gym and yoga clothing brand with roots in Sweden, its market is mostly made up of online sales. Its audience is mostly women looking for a quality and high standard product.

In Norse mythology, Minne is the goddess of memory, and her name is often associated with remembrance and knowledge. This symbolism is used at Minne as a fitness and yoga apparel brand that focuses on helping people remember their fitness and wellness goals and build their knowledge of healthy practices.

The name "Minne" conjures up the idea of recalling the fitness and wellness goals you've set for yourself, or remembering the yoga moves and exercises you've learned.


Our challenge was to develop a minimalist and clean identity, which works perfectly for the brand's strategy, we seek to bring lightness, smoothness and freshness. For the symbol, the solution was to create a symbol that represented the letter M of the word Minne and represented the way memory works in our brain, with each circle that forms being grouped together and transformed into a solid memory.

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