Grupo Biosfera
August 2020 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil

Biosfera Group is an environmental advisory company for companies and industries in Brazil. It offers its clients the means to adapt not only to environmental legislation but also to contribute to making the planet a better place with balance and sustainability for all.
The company offers tranquility and confidence for its clients to leave their environmental management and other technical work in the area in the hands of those who have experience and much love in what they do. It is a modern company and is concerned with offering a dynamic working environment, which results directly in the quality of its services.

My challenge was to create a modern and exclusive visual identity, to develop a brand that fits the three characteristics chosen: Technique, Modern, and Professional.

In the former Biosphere logo, I noticed a lack of identification with the target audience and a lack of differentiation. It was something very general. So I tried to create something unique, very identifiable, without giving up on the clean, and the modern.
The symbol represents the love Biosfera Group has for the environment.

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