February 2021 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Egypt

Ghazali passionately creates Exquisite & Sexy designs that are handcrafted with love & topped with quality materials to make distinctive designs just for you.”

Their shoes are designed to make women feel sexy & exquisite, which will make them gain confidence and power to get on with their day, whether at work, going to a meeting, a date, or an outing. Gaining confidence will eventually make these women excel at what they do, making them successful women who are always ready to slip in their shoes to get things done while feeling sexy & proud of who they are. Every design is carefully handcrafted with passion, from the time and dedication of thinking about the collection, selecting the inspirational mood board, sketching the designs, sourcing the materials, to producing the shoe, every design has a picture behind it.

This Picture is painted carefully by every artisan who touches the shoes to leave his/her stroke to paint the perfect picture that is presented by every single design. Their mission is to Design shoes for women that make them feel unique, exquisite, and sexy. Their vision is to have their designs as a symbol of sexiness and a trend-setter. Gazhali believes women were created to be sexy and beautiful and they should show their sexiness in every given opportunity of every day.

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