June 2020 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil

Gentle comes to the market with the proposal to change the way the male audience chooses essential items of their day-to-day. For a long time, men did not care so much about items such as underwear, socks, and basic knitwear. These have always been necessary items, but rarely chosen by them. But, times are different and the man became more demanding and yes, he wants to choose his pieces. More than that, the male audience is looking not only at the quality of the products purchased but also at their aesthetics.

And it is for these men that we create our brand. Gentle aims to offer quality, comfort, convenience, and desire to customers. And that is why each piece is thought and elaborated with care and affection. In addition to our online store, you can join the Gentle Signature Club. Each plan is fully customizable, meeting the needs and particularities of each one. And the best part? You receive all our products in the comfort of your home.

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