About the project

The Garagem (meaning garage) is a clothing, footwear and accessories store exclusively aimed at the male audience, located in Barão de Cocais / MG with a vintage / retro atmosphere.
Dress men with a timeless style, preserving their identity and valuing their personality. To be a pioneer and the biggest reference of men's store in the region. These are the main objectives of the Garage.
Its main target audience are men who seek differentiated service, with personalized hours, advice to improve style and image (without losing their identity) and tasteful clothes at a fair price.

My Challenge

Create a visual identity that connects with this audience and that passes on this purpose and this feeling. For that, I tried to use colors that brought a sense of masculinity and that were sober tones, having a connection to the clothing store and that reminded something related to the car, such as its interior, wheels and tires, for example. The choice of shades such as gold, bronze, brown and caramel, in addition to the whole context mentioned above are also colors that refer to men's accessories such as leather watches, jackets, boots and many other items of men's clothing.

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