February 2022 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Italy

Fammi is a digital marketing and design agency. Founded in 2021 by Brazilian owners, the company was created with the goal of serving the Italian and European markets with a Brazilian workforce that is well known for its capacity and quality. The focus of the company is the performance with visual identity, digital marketing and social media.

The name Fammi comes from Italian which means "make me", it is a word often used in everyday life by Italians, for example when they need you to let them know something, make me know: "fammi sapere".

The main idea of the logo is to be a symbol that refers to personality, for example with the letters "F" and "I". And also a relation with mobile and tv screens with the square shapes inside the letters "A" and "M". The visual identity was made thinking of something young, but serious at the same time, something that would transmit a sense of wealth and modernity and it is possible to see this in the color palette and symbol.

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