Douglas Alves
April 2021 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil

Douglas Alves is a personal trainer and online training consultant, whose aim is to develop personalized workouts, aimed at achieving the goal of each person according to their individuality, acting in person and remotely.
Douglas develops face-to-face and online services, individualized bodybuilding training, functional assessment, training, and stretching spreadsheets. He offers personalized training, maintaining the student's physical integrity, seeking the most efficient and safest workout for their goals, through an ethical, focused, and careful service.

I tried to create a symbol that referred to 3 pillars: Movement, Name of the client, and Knowledge.
About movement, I applied the shape in italic mode, with rounded corners that gave a friendly feeling of movement.
The two letters of the client's name are present in the symbol, the D on the outside and the A inside in a negative way.
Knowledge was very interesting because there are two interpretations, the first would be a road on the horizon in the same shape as the A, which can represent knowledge since it has no end. Inside the same shape, it is possible to imagine a light abducting a person represented by the circle which is also an interesting allusion to how knowledge can take someone.

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