August 2021 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil 

Deleito is a multi-brand store specialized in home dressing located in Barão de Cocais/MG in Brazil, the store aims to select the best products among the best factories and importers in the country, thus providing a great option of choice to its customers. Deleito has this name because it is the act of showing an excess of satisfaction or contentment about something.

Deleito's public is mixed, serving people of both genders. They are middle-class people who are looking for something of good quality and good taste, durable items with a good cost-benefit ratio. They are people who are already in the second phase of life: young couples, parents with small children and/or teenagers, single people with a consolidated life living in an apartment/house of their own or rented, and any kind of person who looks for something differentiated within this niche.

I sought to create a symbol that was modern, innovative, but at the same time classic and traditional. The name Deleito already has by itself an air of sophistication and elegance, so the brand needed to have a visual aesthetic that added to the name. The idea was to create a brand that did not have a symbol by itself, a brand where every word represents Deleito very well, where each letter has its differentiation, where each letter was thought and designed within the purpose of the Visual Identity.

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