Da Villa
March 2020 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil 
Da Villa is a pizza delivery that has existed in Barão de Cocais since 2013, it has always sought first the quality of the ingredients and consequently a delicious pizza, secondly the speed of delivery so that it can arrive at the house of its customers warm as if it had just come out of the oven. The company's objectives are to provide the customer with a unique moment when savoring quality pizza, prepared with dedication and care and with fast delivery. To be a reference company in Brazil in the pizza business, offering a delivery service always with the shortest time and a product with more and more quality, aiming for excellence.

I tried to use colors that had a strong connection with the attributes of the brand and that had an instant feeling that this is the pizza product. Which refer to Food, Pizza, Cheese, Italy, Basil, Chili and Cheddar for example. For the logo I chose to use representation of pieces of pizza in different formats that would represent each letter very well and give the brand a unique look, since an existing font was not used for it.

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