Champion Fitness
July 2019 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil

Champion Fitness is a gym that is undergoing a makeover, a new name, a restructured space and a new owner. The name Champion, in addition to all the meaning that the word "champion, in English" represents, has a connection with a store that the owner previously had. Champions' goal is to make the customer feel special and very important within the business, valuing it and the user experience is something that Champion values.

The goal for the visual identity was to create a strong brand, which in addition to differentiating itself from other gyms in the city, using different colors and items, the brand brings a meaning of grandeur and power, in addition to the main brand and its variations, I created a lettering (handwritten calligraphy) to aid visual identity and be used in products, arts and any secondary use that may be required.

Be bold!

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