Casa dos Craques
December 2021 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil

"Everything you need to be an expert in your sport."

Casa dos Craques is a sports material store, mainly linked to football, located in the center of Belo Horizonte. It was founded in 1975 by Silvio Silva Júnior, and this was his first store. Then, fulfilling his parents' dreams, he called his brothers to work with him and later they all became partners. In 1978 he opened Casa Esporte Barreiro, which in 1981 became Pratik Esportes, and in 1994 he inaugurated Soccer Esportes. During this expansion process, it opened two other stores and a trophy and sporting goods industry. Today, having his son João Victor as a partner, they decided to renovate the 3 stores, adopting the name Casa dos Craques for the 3 stores and for that purpose decided on a new logo and a new visual identity.

My Challenge

I sought to create a symbol that was modern, traditional and light, that represented the ideas of Casa dos Craques, that was well recognized by its public and that was seen as a professional brand by new potential clients.

For the colors, my choice was blue and green, mainly because they are colors closely linked to sports. Blue is the color of the sky and many sports are played outdoors. Green was chosen (in addition to being already present in the current brand), because many sports are played on grass and the main one is football, which are the majority of Casa dos Craques customers, but in addition they are friendly, cheerful colors that pass confidence.

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