All's Cream
November 2019 .  Brand Designer e Visual Identity . Brazil

All's Cream is an ice cream shop located in São Paulo where all employees are physically disabled.
An inclusive business concept.
It offers quality, tasty and fun ice cream, a unique service made with social inclusion and well-being when visiting the environment.

For the brand I decided to use a font that was cheerful and generated connection with the target audience, I made some small changes and brought the leg from "R" to "M" creating a smile, something that All's Cream wants to pass on.

I created a reduced version, which is not the icon that will be worked with the brand, but is an option to reduce it. I tried to use colors that brought a sense of modernity and creativity, at the same time, referring to an ice cream parlor.

Blue is a color linked to creativity, widely used by social networks, it represents calm, confidence and security. Brown came as an idea of ​​color is present in many ice creams because it is the color of chocolate.

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