September 2020 . Brand design and Visual Identity . Brazil

Mottoca is a Brazilian startup where the client through the site/app can rent a Honda Pop 100 motorcycle, for a minimum period of 3 months and use it for delivery work or any other use that may be necessary.
The company proposes to bring a cheaper and more viable option than the customer to buy a motorcycle, this motto of the company is thought exactly for those in the big Brazilian cities and many times can not buy a motorcycle to maintain their business or even maintain themselves as a delivery.
The idea of the logo is to bring the movement, which we can see in the letter M, the amendment of the two letters T is precisely to refer to the handlebar of a bike. The colors purple and light blue was chosen because it was a young target audience and also that differed from the competition.
The Mottoca startup ended up not going ahead in your project, but I would not leave posting this project here.

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